Night of the Living Head

Here is one of my recent poems ‘Night of the living head’!

Night of the Living Head

By Catherine May Vondrak

I have a good friend, who is actually a skull
But most of the time he just sits there, which is rather dull.

I decorate him with flowers and jewels and make him look quite nice,
I ask him what he thinks but I never get any advice.

Then one dark and misty evening early in November
Something really strange happened that made me topple over.

I was gazing through a book on human anatomy,
When I caught my skull chum gazing at me rather bashfully.

Suddenly a bang came from the fireworks outside; they were very loud
It made the whole room shudder and skull fell to the ground.

He landed on a page in my book depicting a human body,
I realised why he was upset; he’s just a human head and it looks somewhat shoddy!

‘That’s not right’ I thought, ‘I will sort this out tonight’.
So, I went to the nearest graveyard to see what I could find.

I now have a good friend who is actually a skeleton,
He is the quiet type really, but he seems completely genuine.



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